Our debut collection

September 13, 2014 16:52

Meandering streets selling bric a brac. Green glazed ceramics glistening on store fronts. Copper, and bronze artefacts - tea pots, statues, bells and chimes reverberating everywhere. Quaint stores tucked away in corners selling beautiful lace and intricately woven fabrics. Handmade paper with dried leaves and flowers. Handcrafted designer jewelery encrusted with semi precious stones, feathers, beads and chains. Aromas beckoning from coffee houses and homemade waffle stations. Fruit and vegetable vendors. Fresh flowers. Trendy clothes. High fashion stores. Hip music. The buzz in the heart of Insadong in Seoul is exciting. A vibrant, culturally rich city with a soul. The modern juxtaposed with the ancient. City scrapers and Pagodas. Glitzy malls and antique warehouses. The journey has just begun.... Sleepless in Seoul on our debut adventure in search of traditional wares. South Korea has been worth the wait!