Our debut collection

December 2, 2014 00:00

The exciting part is over. We have explored the North Eastern Asian region, its diverse landscape and rich culture, marveled at its dying crafts and keen workmanship. Most importantly we have enjoyed every moment of it. Nothing beats curating a collection you love! Quick to point out our favorite pieces that will never see the light of day of any sale order, we get down to hard work. Customs, paperwork, bills, invoices, payments sigh... its not an easy chore! Whoever had this brain wave to sell anything was definitely not thinking straight!! Nevertheless, we brave more paperwork, bank chores and more payments. Is this even viable - we wonder ? Side by side, we hasten to look for a venue for our debut show. Most places do not match up. Our logo is being redesigned. We need a website. We need a photo shoot. We need to make lists. We need to price our pieces. Does that mean we need to part with some ?? Will our fave pieces be gone ? Why did'nt we get some more ? Time to plan the next trip.